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KAO Special Stones

Special stones contribute a major portion of our mine’s revenue stream

Kao mine is similar to many high value mines like Gem Diamond’s Letseng Mine and Lucapa’s Mothae and Lulo Projects, in that the number of special stones contributes a major portion of the mine’s revenue stream. The average revenue contribution from theses “special” single stones is around 40% which is very high compared to the average diamond mine internationally.

Kao is blessed with a population of Type IIa diamonds, with many being plus 5 carat and larger top white Type IIa stones. Within this suite of Type IIa diamonds are white, brown and pink diamonds.

Apart from the famous Argyle Mine; most mines around the world very seldom produce pink diamonds of any importance. The Kao Mine in particular regularly produces pink and purplish-pink diamonds in a range of sizes up to 30 carats; which is very rare. Within this suite of Type II diamonds; Kao also produces the ultra-rare blue Type IIb diamonds; of which the largest was as 112.96 carater recovered in 2014, which sold for $4.2 million. Kao also produces rare Type I pink-purple and purple colours with the occasional small orange and light green colours as well. Further, Kao regularly produces exceptional vivid yellows and large white Type I special large stones.